All about Christmas

The cathedral of Santiago, the narrow streets, the smell of seafood and the rain. These are the most noticed things about Santiago for me. It’s not that big city but it’s really unique and you can’t avoid falling in love with it.

After one month of volunteering in Santiago I can say that I arrived here in the busiest month of the year or this is what I think so far. It was all full of Christmas lights and music which brought joy to my soul.
In the center where I volunteer it was all about this important celebration. Typical Spanish sweets, gifts and Christmas decorations... We were super busy preparing for it. My favourite activity was the Christmas party because I love dancing and especially with kids!
In January the celebrations don’t end because here in Spain there’s another important day and it’s Reyes Magos on the 6th of January when children receive their gifts. Although many Spanish people are starting to receive them in the 25th of December. And yes, I also got a gift from Reyes …

What do you know about Russia?

Hello again from Olga. No doubt that EVS is a great chance to discover a new culture and get used to different type of daily life. But I am here not only to learn Spanish culture, but also to share the knowledge about my homeland Russian Federation. 

It can sound strange to you, but I am not from Moscow or even not from Saint Petersburg. Everybody knows that Russia is enormous but it’s difficult to imagine any other city except these two. Let’s get acquainted with two more at least.

I am from beautiful small city Cheboksary, which is situated on the river Volga. It’s one hour by plane from Moscow and we consider it as the central part of a country. To tell the truth, I am not originally Russian, I am Chuvash, and Cheboksary is the capital of Chuvash republic. We are one of more than 160 nationalities that you can find in Russia. We have our own culture and language, that take their origin in turk roots. 

Also I was studying and working in a neighbour republic Tatarstan which capital Kaza…

Hola! Me llamo Olga y soy de Rusia

That’s how I start most of the conversations here in Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galician region in Spain. Since I am here, there is something that surprises me the most. It’s not that Spanish people have dinner at 11 pm or the fact that it is raining under any circumstances and even not that crowds of pilgrims scurry back and forth under my window. But the knowing that time is going extremely fast. Now it’s my second month on voluntary service in Don Bosco Center and the time to tell you finally about myself and my relations with EVS.
Maybe when you hear a phrase «EVS volunteer» you imagine a very funny college graduate who is enjoying his gap year and has no idea what to study next. Let’s break the stereotypes a little bit. I am 25 now, finished university long time ago and had three-year working experience in my home region.
So why I am here? The point is that I have never looked for stability in my life. I believe that a positive stress always keeps you alive. So when I s…

Welcome to Santiago

Hello everybody,
we would like to introduce ourselves in a brief post before starting to update the blog more regularly.
Until now we are 3 volunteers from 3 different country, Olga from Russia, Mine from Turkey and Filip from Luxembourg.
Olga and Filip work both in ETL Don Bosco.
Mine works in ARC Os Tilos.

In the following weeks we will be joined by three more volunteers.

We hope that you are excited to learn something about us and our experiences in the next months.

( From left to right : Filip, Mine and Olga)

Fiesta de las culturas

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Last Friday night in April was very special night for all volunteers, and also for all our friends that we met during othis EVS project.
We had amazing intercultural party! Each volunteer needed to represent his own country in 10 minutes, and plus , to cook something delicious, of course, typical from his country. People learned that Luxembourg is very small country, but that they have amazing wine and mustard:), that Belarus has beautiful nature. They've learned traditional Turkish dance, wonderful customs in Serbia and that Belgium has more than 1500 different kinds of beer and much, much more.

Escape Room

Last Friday, our coordinating organization Don Bosco in co-production with the local escape room team, invited us to participate in an Escape Room taking place in our center. Afterwards, there would be a dinner together with all the participating teams and the people responsible for the organization. As we were already talking about joining an Escape Room altogether as volunteers the weeks before, this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Especially with the included dinner, it seemed like the perfect Friday night plan for most of us.

Bosco Nadal

During the Christmas time, our hosting organization organized Bosco Nadal. It was a camp for kids during their holidays, which is very helpful for a lot of parents who have to work during this period.
It lasted two weeks, from Friday 22nd of December to Friday 5th of January. During this time our center organized a whole bunch of activities during the mornings from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.