My name is Joe
And I work in an iron factory.
One day
My boss came up to me
And said
‘Joe, are you busy?’
I said ‘No’
He said ‘Give me a hand’”
Gathered round in a circle we all extended an arm.  And the other, repeating this rhyme again and again.  Changing the last line, we extended a leg, then the other (skipping from one foot to the other), then our bums backwards and finally our tongues!  We finished this short activity replying to the boss “I said ‘Yes!!’”
This was just one of the many short energizers we had all through the seminar.  In the end we were all calling Toni ‘Hey Joe’ - that became his nickname for the week lol.  In my group (the ‘reds’) each session started with an energizer.  Great, no?  We had kung-fu laughing matter, a horse-riding sketch and a short drawing session (I leave to your imagination the portraits of each other we came up with).  Kiko, the ‘formador’ leading the group I was in, is a great person.
Skipping on to another thing entirely, I return to Santiago.  A couple of days ago we went to a tiny bar called ‘La Borriquita de Belem’ to savour some live music.  A band was playing Afro-Brazilian music and they were great.  Listenin’ to good music in a tiny bar with a big atmosphere is one of my favourite pastimes.  And the Borriquita always has good music on, at least each and every time I’ve been it was lovely.
And this week it’s magic week here and there’s free magic shows in some squares in Santiago.  (Lucky we’ve got good weather.)  Yesterday went to see one of these; the magician was good and very nice.  A group of school kids passed by and stopped for a bit and he asked some of the kids to participate in his tricks.  They were astounded!  No need to stress it, I love street-art, be it magic, street theatre, painters, jugglers.  A few weeks ago, in Barcelona I saw two acrobats!


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