Excursion a Muros

Two weeks ago we had a short trip to the small fishing village “Muros”, located approximately one hour and fifteen minutes (to say, in car; with Spanish public transportation: forever) from Santiago.

Basically we just didn’t want to miss the opportunity of seeing the seaside again, especially without the obligatory Galician rainfall. So we got up at half past 9 in the morning (Saturday morning! In Spain!) and arrived at the bus station just to discover that it was a mistake to trust the timetables on the internet – our bus was departing one hour later.

Finally, three and a half hours after we closed the door behind us in the Rúa San Pedro, we arrived at Muros. Like many villages at the Galician coast, Muros consists of a nice little harbour with colourful fishing boats, an old church and more little winding alleys than you would expect in a village of this size.

On a little square in the village we finally found a café which offered sandwiches to go for a sensible price and each of us ended up with half a loaf of bread, cut in half, with an entire “tortilla española” inside – highly recommendable!

Afterwards we had a short walk to the little beach near the city but it wasn’t anything special (at least not for us spoiled volunteers). The village itself, however, has a very nice old part with small alleys, old houses and hidden bars and cafés.

To sum up: Muros is a nice destination for a short trip to the seaside, even though we would not recommend staying there longer than one afternoon because after five hours we were quite bored – even though we explored most of the village.

(In addition to that, brave people should try the sandwiches we had for lunch – for 3 Euros you will be full the entire day!)

Have a look here on the pictures of Muros


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