How to learn spanish online

I know this article is less funny than the others, even boring I dare say....but it can be useful for those who want to learn a bit of Spanish before coming here. Thanks to our Spanish teacher (today was our last lesson after 6 month in Spain !!), I can give you some useful links.

Dictionaries and Translation

Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy : everything is in the title, if you want a definition in spanish, here you go
Pons : translation tool, not only for spanish but for several others languages. Complete, userfriendly, with a lot of synonymous and an audio version of the words => my favorite in this category
Wordreference : same as Pons. With a forum if you don't find the answer to your question and conjugation of all the verbs
Diccionarios : combined dictionaries in several languages and translations

Conjugation and Exercises of grammar/vocabulary

Gramaclicando : from a french university, exercises of grammar ordered by topic
Spanishdict : flashcards of vocabulary, conjugation of verbs, dictionary, translation. With free subscription you will have access to lessons in video
Veer-tal : the most complete website with exercises in Spanish for all the levels but also flashcard of vocabulary, Spanish movies trailers and documentaries with questions to improve oral comprehension and a lot of information about the Spanish culture (I really like the videos about the different cities of Spain...try those about Santiago !!)
Conjugator Wordreference : the same website as the dictionary but here is the direct link to the conjugation of verbs in Spanish
Gramatica USC : the conjugation website of the university of Santiago


Instituto Cervantes : website of the Cervantes institute with information about the diploma you can pass in Spanish but also with a lot of thing about Spanish literature, art...
Livemocha : subscribe and you will be able to learn a language and teach another. This website is based on the exchanges in the community of teachers/students
Prueba de Nivel : here you can test your level in Spanish and see where you are in the european standard (A1, B1, B2, C1 and C2)


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