Where to go for Tapas

One of the best thing in Spain is tapas. When you go to a bar and order a drink, in most of the bars you will get a portion of food, which is called Tapas. What you get depends on the owner of the bar. Here is a list of some of the bars in Santiago with a very good tapas.


A bar in the old zone that gives pigs ears for tapas. Very nasty stuff, only for the people with strong stomack. I can pretty much eat anything, but I was not able to eat this. I just scraped the meaty part. But If you are brave and want to try something traditional, try it out.


A bar at Plaza de Mazarelos in the old zone. You will get a nice portion of tapas, but only for the first drink. If you continue to order, you will just get drinks and maybe some chips. Well, this is what happened to us, but during the game between Barcelona and Real Madrid, so the circumstances might have been different.

A relatively new bar in the new zone. Here you will get a quite big sandwich with your drink. And the prices of drink are some what lower than other bars. It is not a fancy bar, but if you are hungry this is the place to go.


A very nice bar to watch football games in. It has 3 TV sets, so you can watch it from any table, and the atmosphere is really nice. Everybody is cheering, and even if the fans are divided between two teams, everybody is acting friendly. And they are Galician Patriots, so they always show the games of Deportivo La Coruna, and Celta Vigo. And the tapas you get is really tasty and rich. You get a nice sandwich and also some french fries and salsas.


The name of the bar is the same as it's position on this list (7). It is located in the new zone. They give very nice tapas, and in addition to what you get with your drink, the waiter is always walking between tables with a big saucer full of bite-sized food. Also, this is a quite good restaurant if you want to go for a dinner. We had a dinner there (20 people from Don Bosco), and for 17€ we had 5 plates and drinks of our choice. I eat a lot but it was impossible for me to eat everything. And we got a bottle of Crema de orujo and one of Liquor caffe and the end of the dinner.


Right in our street, Rua de San Pedro, a small bar with a friendly atmosphere. You will probably get three types of food,  cheese, small sandwich and rolls. And also you can take sunflower seeds to keep your hands busy while chilling with friends. And since it's in our street it's quit close.


5. LL (Dos Eles)
Taperia in the barrio San Pedro, the neighborhood where we live. They do the similar thing like "El 7". You get a rich tapas and they circle around giving bite-sized food to anyone who want's it. The 
reason I put it in front of "EL 7" is beacuse I find the food more tasty here. Also it's much closer to our home.

A restaurant in the old zone near the police station. Here you can actually choose what you want for tapas. When you order your drink, the waiter will list you 3-4 different tapas from which you can choose. Also here, tapas will be different from other places, here you an get some beans with meat, octopus, sea food... The thing is, this restaurant is not open all the days. I am not sure what days exactly is it closed, but I don't think they are open on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Really close to our apartment, at Puerta de camino, right at the beginning of Rua de San Pedro. Nice ambient, and big portions. Ideal if you are hungry and thirsty at the same time. You have nothing to eat at your home? Or you are just too lazy or don't feel like preparing anything? Just come down to Ambitus, it's one minute away from your flat, and you can enjoy rich tapas and a beer in a frozen glass.

The massive quantity of tapas, the biggest size in the old zone. This was our favorite place to go for tapas the whole year. Whenever a new volunteer came, we took him to this place. The way it works is that you enter, order the drinks at the bar, and go down the stairs to find your seat. It's quite big, so if you are many, you will find a place for everybody. Then you will get cheese, meat, rolls, french fries... Oh, and with quantity also comes quality, don't miss out on this restaurant.

I was on one of my walks in the nature around Santiago. After walking up the river Sarela, I got really thirsty and decided to find a bar. I got out of the woods near the big Hospital, and found this restaurant. Tapas here was amazing! It was not tapas, it was like a dinner. I got bread, big pieces of meat, and a Russian salad on the side. After two beers and two portions of tapas, I didn't need to eat dinner. The owners and people who work there are really friendly. At the time my Spanish was terrible but they were really patient with me, and we ended up talking the whole time. The only down side is that it's quite far, at least 40 min walk from Rua de San Pedro. But I highly recommend it!


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