Carnival party !

The 4th March it was Santiago’s carnival, we were inside the parade dressed like the people in the movie Charlie and the chocolate factory. We had children from the sport team, the toy library and the scouts, we were together to celebrate this moment and represent the Don Bosco’s center. We had lots of different character from the movie: Charlie and his father, Willy Wonka, lumpa lumpa, the child who eats chocolate and his mother, the girl with the chewing gum and her mother, … . To represent the chocolate factory we had a float made by Tony and helped by the children from the toy library. Also to animate the parade we had different dance and songs with the lumpas lumpasand we throw out sweets for the spectators.
The parade began in the train station finishing in Alameda’s park. We have seen lots of people along the parade whereas it was raining y it was cold. People liked the costumes, they were enjoyed and some people were well costumed, for example, policeman super heroe or vampires, … .      

Here the links where you can watch the parade :

Video from Jose Carlos Rodriguez Maxi (you can watch us at the 20 minutes)



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