Celebration of Magosto in Don Bosco

Magosto is usually celebrated between 1st of November (all Saints) and 11 of November (San Martín de Tours). It is the best period to celebrate Magosto because it corresponds to the season of chestnuts.
In the center Don Bosco, we started to collect chestnuts with the children one month before the celebration. On Saturday, November 14th the whole team of Don Bosco (monitors, supervisors, coordinators) realized the celebration of Magosto.
We prepared traditional games before and children or other motivated participants were expected from 5 pm. The event started with the traditional games and then some memories about last year were recalled in the theater by the director of Don Bosco.

Also there was a performance realized by the participants of a leasure time course.

To finish the celebration in a good way, chestnuts were offered to every participants and also there were scouts selling “piedras de Santiago” to finance some of their activities.


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