VII EMAX in Padrón

November 28th, 2015 I had the opportunity to assist to the VII EMAX what this year was organized in Padrón. The event gave space to share experiences associatives and publicize the developed work of the associations in different areas.
The aim was to create a space of reflection where can be ciculated the importance of the no-formal education, the participation and the compromise of the youth as much in nivel individual as through associations.

How is it for a european volunteer?

This is a really good opportunity to meet local volunteers like european volunteers of other associations and we have the possibility to deepen a little more in our center's activities or to get know the activities of other associations.
It can be useful, especially, if we have to give some information about our hosting center with our quite fresh knowledge because it helps me to know more about it or to know better what is it about.
The conferencies were in galician and portugues so it is quite recommended to understand at least one of them. But, even so, I can say that this is a perfect event to know other people in the area and to see how is connected everything in a higher nivel.

But to make sure that not everything is conferences and stands, you can see a video about a musical presentation realized by local young people.


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