"Noche Intercultural" the 12th of May by Tatiana volunteer in Os Tillos

Well, to begin with I would like to say thank you to Don Bosco for organizing so amazing events! However, it was awesome also because of the creativity of the volunteers. 
So, we had 5 countries: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Spain and Ukraine.
 And we started in this alphabetic order J Josipa organized an interesting game for the memory, where we also learnt some things about her country – Austria. 
 The second country was Denmark – and there we had a quiz. Amanda prepared exciting questions, and we all competed to know who knows about Denmark more. It was interesting, funny and creative at the same time. I even took the notes about the program she used to do it, because its really cool. 
 Then, we want to see the presentation of Germany! It was hilarious! We had an amazing dance! Chelly told us the translation of this German cool song and we enjoyed dancing! It was easy to understand from everyone’s face that they really did like it! 

And so, after this we went to see my presentation of Ukraine. I told everyone about holidays in Ukraine, something that are different from other countries. 
 Finally, we went downstairs to try different cuisines! And here it is hard to write about everything, because I will just repeat a few words – “ tastyyyy and delicious!” I don’t remember all the names of meal, but I do remember it was very good! 

So, to sum up, I would like to say thanks to everyone for that evening! It was great experience and fun at the same time.



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