Mid-term Evaluation in Mollina the 8th to 12th of May

We went two volunteers and one monitor from Santiago to the Intermediate Evaluation of May (8-12) in Mollina. We arrived Monday by bus from Malaga, Mollina is 1.5 hour from Málaga it is a small and very quiet city. We stayed at the facility CEULAJ who is looks like to a holiday center.

When we arrived everyone had a badge with his/her name, center and city on a paper of colors each color correspond to a group. We were divided in 4 groups.

This training was shorter than the first one from Tuesday until Thursday.
Monday we made some break-ice games and we learned to know people for our group.
Every day we had activities from 9.00 a.m. until 7.30 p.m. with a lot of breaks for eat.

Tuesday night it was the Noche Culturcreativa where as a tradition we all had to present our autonomous community in Spain. But each group needed to represent it by a different way a song, a dance, a documentary …. Each group blow a toy balloon and they was a paper inside with the way how you need to represent your community.
Wednesday afternoon we were to Granada buy bus it was nice even the bad weather but too short we did not have a lot of time to stay in Granada.

Thursday night it was our last night of the training, some volunteers organize a party for celebrate the end of the evaluation.

This formation was better than the first one because we were less in the group so it was easier to talk, it was less intense and they were a lot of food even sometimes the topics were the same.
It was not only a formation for the volunteers but also for the monitors, the first days they stay a part they had their own activities and after they were divided in our groups and we made the activities together.


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