Fiesta de las culturas

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Last Friday night in April was very special night for all volunteers, and also for all our friends that we met during othis EVS project.

We had amazing intercultural party! Each volunteer needed to represent his own country in 10 minutes, and plus , to cook something delicious, of course, typical from his country. People learned that Luxembourg is very small country, but that they have amazing wine and mustard:), that Belarus has beautiful nature. They've learned traditional Turkish dance, wonderful customs in Serbia and that Belgium has more than 1500 different kinds of beer and much, much more.

Besides 9 volunteers, other people decided to join as well. So we had opportunity to see one group of people playing African instruments, we saw traditional dance from Galicia, we tried tasty deserts from Palestine and Columbia as well, and the most beautiful surprise was video from our friend Despina who needed to end her project before this party. She showed us that Greek people start learning how to dance when they are 5 years old, how they brake plates on some happy events, how big and loud families they have and more.

This event was something so incredible for each volunteer for many reasons. For the first time we spoke like that, in public, in front of everyone in Spanish and we had opportunity to show people how wonderful cultures are out there! I can freely say that I'm so proud on each one of us.:)

And how we say "a picture is worth a thousand words" 
I will show you some parts of that remarkable night. 


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