Current volunteers

Name: Olga
Last Name: Belova
Age: 25
Country: Russia
Hosting Organization: ETL Don Bosco
Something about my country: Don't believe in stereotypes, Russia is much more than cold winters and mysterious Russian soul! In fact there are more than 160 nationalities with their own cultures and languages and you just can't stop exploring all this beautiful diversity.
Why am I here in Santiago? EVS project is a personal challenge and a chance to open myself. I am here to inspire people and to get a reflection.

Last Name: Garzaro
Age: 19
Country: Luxembourg
Hosting Organization: ETL Don Bosco
Something about my country: Luxembourg may be one of the smallest countries of Europe, but also one with the most cultural diversity.
Why am I here in Santiago? I see EVS as an opportunity that we have. In my opinion everybody should consider doing at least 6 months of volunteering.

Last Name: Caymaz
Age: 26
Country: Turkey
Hosting Organization: Os Tilos
Something about my country: Turks are the most hospitable people in the world, extremely respectful, friendly and sincere to foreigners.
Why am I here in Santiago? First time one year ago when I visited Santiago, I thought that galician people are super nice and friendly, I felt that I was in my hometown. So I decided to come here again to have more experience about Galicia!


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