Current volunteers

Name: Despoina-Anastasia
Last Name: Kritikou
Age: 23
Country: Greece
Hosting Organization: CSC Ensanche
Something about my country: "Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel" - Socrates

Name: Alena
Last Name: Semashko
Age: 29
Country: Belarus
Hosting Organization: CSC Castiñieriño
Something about my country: Belarus is a small country in Eastern Europe, famous for blue lakes and vast fields. Despite being a little conservative, we are very hospitable and welcoming for guests.

Name: Nadja
Last Name: Vujacic
Age: 26
Country: Serbia
Hosting Organization: ETL Don Bosco
Something about my country: Despite being stubborn, Serbian people show great personalities! During any day and any hour you can see people in the bars, because we are spending a lot of time with friends and family. 

Name: Shannon
Last Name: Barbier
Age: 20
Country: Luxembourg
Hosting Organization: ARC Os Tilos
Something about my country: Luxembourg is a really small country, however it is one of the most multicultural countries I know. Living in Luxembourg means to speak many different languages and to enjoy a varied culture which helps to develop your personality every day. 

Name: Patrik
Last Name: Pospisil
Age: 27
Country: Czech Republic
Hosting Organization: CSC Santa Marta
Something about my country: Czech Republic is a nice small country with really nice nature and history. Beer, girls and Prague are favourite topics for people abroad, but we have more interesting things in Czech Republic.

Name: Louis
Last Name: Schartz
Age: 23
Country: Luxembourg
Hosting Organization: ETL Don Bosco
Something about my country: Luxembourg is a great country, profiting since decades from many generations of immigrants who enrich our culture. Furthermore the wine, beer and food which aren't to famous throughout the world are of an high quality, so that you can easily enjoy life in Luxembourg. 

Name: Alexandra
Last Name: Marquet
Age: 20
Country: Belgium
Hosting Organization: CSC Fontiñas
Something about my country: In Belgium we understood what a person needed in order to be happy: french fries, beers and chocolates. These are the products, we are famous for.

Name: Ecem
Last Name: Sagiroglu
Age: 23
Country: Turkey
Hosting Organization: ARC Os Tilos
Something about my country: Turkey is a country where manynations and ethnic groups live together. We have so many great historical strucures and beautyful places. Our foods are an itegral part of our culture.

Name: Jakob
Last Name: Weidenauer
Age: 18
Country: Austria
Hosting Organization: CSC Vite
Something about my country: Austria is a small country compared to others in central Europe. It has shown great influence in Europe over the last centuries. I love the fact that people still confuse Austria and Australia because of their similar name.

Name: Pavlo
Last Name: Kelbas
Age: 25
Country: Ukraine
Hosting Organization: ARC Os Tilos
Something about my country: My country is the largest in Europe. On the one hand, Ukrainian people are very into having fun and celebrating with friends and family, we love football and drinks, so you could recognize these two as our most practiced exercises. Furthermore, there are a lot of holidays. On the other hand, we also love to follow politics, which is one of the most popular activities in Ukraine. Ukrainians are very kind and friendly people, so just visit our country and you will understand what i'm talking about.

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